Recording Studio

Space Studios, located at The Community Music Space, is a professional project studio, capable of recording everything from full live bands to solo singer songwriters. We have decades of experience recording and producing recordings.
We use our studio weekly as an educational tool for our students but we are also available to book private recording sessions.

Contact us for more information or to book a session

Ben Senterfit

Gear List:


Recording platform


Logic X 2016 iMac Quad Core
Apogee Ensemble
Universal Audio 4-710d


Converter and Preamps

4 Apogee preamps 4 Universal Audio 4-71od preamps
2 Alex Barr custom tube preamps
1 Universal Audio LA-610
1 Universal Audio solo 610 Mic Pre
1 Focusrite ISA-220 channel strip
1 Austin Ribbon Mic Preamp


Vintage Gear

Hammond B-3 Organ custom Bill Beer mod
Fender Rhodes Seventy Three Suitcase model
1968 Rogers drum kitCustom Pearl Export Drum Kit
Yamaha SK-30 Vintage Synth
Alesis ION Synth
Univox Compac Piano

Guitar Amps

Fender Vibro Verb 1967 Fender Deluxe1965 Fender Bassman
1965 Fender Pro Reverb
Fender Blues Junior (resissue)




Avantone BV-1 Tube Condenser Audio Technica 4050
AKG 414
Sennheiser 421
Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 52
Austin Ribbon Mic
Peluso CEMV6 (matched pair)
ADK large diaphragm condenser
various Shure dynamic mics
various vintage mics